Clean Up

Sometimes a yard justs needs a good one time clean up. Sometimes you just need a way to haul off the debris from the clean up you did or are going to do. We can help you with these clean ups. Remember, our local landfill requires all recyclable material to be separated and placed in the appropriate locations. Actually they require all items to be separated such as: Garbage, Green Waste, Asphalt/Concrete/Baserock, and traditional "recyclables" etc... So be sure and take this into consideration when thinking about your project. We are happy to discuss your clean up needs. Just give us a call at (831) 475-6688.

We have the equipment and the crew to assist you.

Pressure Treated Wood

Starting January 1, 2021 the Buena Vista Landfill will no longer accept any Pressure Treated Lumber. This is a State wide mandate. You can read more on our FAQ page.